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Teen Homeschool Resources – Writing a Biography. Learn what you need to include in a proper biography. Download our simple checklist.

Writing a Biography for Teens

Teen Homeschool Resources – Writing a Biography

A biography tells the true story of another person’s life.  Biographies may be about an author, a movie star, a war hero, an athlete or even a family member. Choose someone to write about, gather information. Read about the person, interview them if he or she is someone you know. 

Teen Homeschool Resources – Writing a Biography

Writing a biography is not hard to do. It’s a great way to learn about some of the most interesting people throughout history, or even those alive today. A biography can be about anyone you choose. 

There are a few important things to include, but in most cases, a four to five paragraph page will suffice. Of course, more may be included or required if you choose, but learning to pull out the most important information is part of the process. 

Use our downloadable planner to organize your thoughts and make sure you include all pertinent information. Included is a simple checklist for your convenience. 

Writing a Biography

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